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Location: Center
Parking: Courtyard

Rented premises equipped with

Our experience with other premises renting

  • Are you fed up with renting the area of 10-15 room on one floor?
  • Are you disturbed by the noises coming from a next door office?
  • Are shared sanitary facilities (sometimes for 30 people even) unacceptable for you?
  • Do you often have to wait for the lift?
  • Is the window sealing inappropriate causing coldness in the room in winter time?
  • Does each yearly calculation bring several thousand crowns underpayment regarding media?
  • Do you have to pay your 3 month rent in advance?
  • Are you fed up with frequent moving and searching for a new space to rent and to that related difficulty for your customers to find your company?

Monthly rent includes cost for

  • Water and waste water
  • Heating
  • Waste removal
  • Shared premises cleaning service
  • Service and maintenance of the billboard placed on the face wall of the building
  • Parking space
  • Security camera system monitoring the whole courtyard
  • Service and maintenance of the electronic door opening system

Monthly rent excluded

  • Cost related to electricity are fully paid by the tenant on the basis of to them assigned electrometer



Why to choose us
  • place in the centre in a pleasant environment of a burgher courtyard
  • parking place located 1 m from the premises rented
  • dealing with the object owner, no real estate
  • permanently available parking places for your customers in the distance of 30 m from the building
  • sanitary facilities directly in the premises rented
  • new wooden windows and security doors in the ground floor area
  • suspended or high ceilings
  • Internet connection
  • phone connection
  • electronic door opening system, locking of the courtyard in the night hours
  • placing one´s own billboard by the building entrance
  • possibility of presenting your company on our web site
  • café - bar in the building premises suitable for informal meetings with the clients
  • possibility to arrange the rented space according to your own individual requirements
  • building administrator and maintenance team always willing to help
Recent tenants
  • Attorney JUDr. Jaroslav Homza
  • Attorney JUDr. Andrea Balážová
  • Attorney JUDr. Viktor Križiak
  • Attorney Steiner Associates
  • D-Group - silver jewelery
  • Autoškola Panda - driving licences
  • Hatrix Security
  • SBK - bees
  • SLEK - Slovenská lekárnická komora
  • EXE - kitchen studio

  • ASTRA - socks
  • Stella Marris - travel agency
  • Hrdlička Košice - geodesy
  • GiT Consult - personal agency
  • Junior Achievement Slovensko
  • Lymfo centrum - massage centre
  • adf - architects
  • Salón MB Royal - beauty saloon
  • Hviezda bar
  • BizLabs - sales

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